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Having a light dinner with your family and all together sitting in a home makes you feel complete that whole day. That too having the cuisine in an eating house with family and friends makes you feel the presence like in paradise. Apart from beautiful landscapes and monuments, nature is also bounded with the best places like hotels and restaurants to eat.

When it is your weekend, everyone loves to take their family out especially for restaurants or moving out for a vocation to any country to see the tourist attractions and a fascinating moment is taking the seat in country’s popular restaurant or hotel to taste the traditional cuisines and drinks. This is how we spend our valuable time with family and friends.

Best of Bangkok’s hamburgers stands:

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is famous for its ornate shrines and vibrant street life. It is encompassed with beautiful temples and monuments which tell about the Buddha’s teachings and philosophies. Along with these attractions, there are many country houses and hamburgers stands which offer all varieties of delicious dishes and classy accommodations to the tourist people. Food by Phone BKK is one among the finest and unique restaurant in Bangkok which has lots of customer followers from native as well as from other countries.

Great Place to enjoy

Preparation styles of chefs:

In our restaurant, we provide excellent environment and amenities with decorations which gives you a paradise feel while getting into the place. Our top-notched and well-talented chefs are experts in preparing all the popular dishes of Thailand by implementing the traditional styles of cooking of the city and also prepare all the famous dishes of the countries across the world.

We also prepare spicy shrimp soup, green papaya salad, red curry, Thai style fried noodles, chicken fried rice is Thailand’s noticeable food, fried basil and pork, green chicken curry, and the lot more dishes will be prepared for the customers. Among them the most commonly seen breakfast in Bangkok homes is the choke, omelet with white rice are often eaten with chili sauce and cucumber slices.

Our Breakfast Menu

An additional feature:

Our chefs also follow other options like German and American styles of dishes for tourist and native people who want to try with different dishes. All of us at Food by phone restaurant take immense pleasure and pride in offering you the highest quality service available at reasonable price. Here you will get the finest qualities of food prepared in unique styles by the chefs and serve you with pleasure and friendly manner.

Apart from these facilities, we have taken a step forward in offering the people with their desired foods. That is, we deliver the, at your doorstep in an efficient and effective manner. We offer an alternative sales channel as well as excellent service to the customers by bringing their order which is possible only by braving the Bangkok traffic and it is done by our professionals. In order to maintain the unique style of offering the highest quality of service, all telephone operators speak fluent English by training the messengers to keep a high standard at all times.

Our professionals would deliver your orders on time by reaching you shortly with no time delay. The way of treating the guests, infrastructure, surrounding, would give you a home feel for native people and hometown feel for the tourists. Moreover, the staffs and servers would speak English fluently to make you feel comfy and delightful. Also, our customer’s positive feedback makes us go further towards success and gives an idea to the newcomers about us. What are you waiting for? You have headed to the right place and use your single touch to order the favorite dish for you and your family and our professionals will reach you shortly at a doorstep.